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Building Survey (Structural Survey)

To download a PDF of the RICS Guide to Property Surveys click here

The Building Survey or Full Structural Survey includes a complete inspection of all accessible areas of a property. It is suitable for all types of properties, but especially for buildings older than 75 years, are listed or have had a lot of alterations or extensions.


If you are looking to buy a property that falls into these categories then it is well worth spending a little more now, which could save you from higher costs in future years.


Throughout the inspection the property will be checked thoroughly, including everything that is visible or easily within reach. Generally though the survey will advise you on the following:


• the likely cost of repairs

• the results of damp test on walls

• any damage to timbers of the house

• details of the property construction

• the major and minor defects

• the property location


If a particular area is identified then a further specialist survey can be carried out on the following examples:


• foundations

• damp proofing

• tree roots


The report takes longer than a homebuyers report, both for the inspection itself and for it's production, but this can vary depending on the volume of work involved.

Our fee for this service is £500

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